Sex Talk

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Aline P. Zoldbrod

TITLE:  Sex Talk

PUBLISHER:  New Harbinger Publications

ISBN:  978157224286


A popular sex therapist and an erotica writer team up to offer 50 uncensored stories and explicit exercises that will help readers explore their sexual needs, rid themselves of inhibitions, and talk candidly with their partners about what they truly want.

Includes 50 sex-talk techniques, combined with explicit illustrative stores. Talking about sex not only makes us hot, but also dissolves fears and inhibitions, enhances intimacy, fuels desires, and creates a trusted space where we can explore new sexual possibilities together with our partners.

Talking about sex won't ruin the fun of sex, or lead couples to dangerous and divisive ground. Not, that is, if it's done correctly. In this steamy collection of the 50 best sex talk techniques, sex-positive authors Zoldbrod and Dockett teach us all the right ways to understand what we really want from our sexual experiences, and how to best communicate these desires to our partners.