Krondor the Betrayal

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Raymond E. Feist

TITLE:  Krondor the Betrayal


YEAR:  1999

ISBN:  9780006483342

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

Feist constantly amazes me with his ability to create great casts of characters. This time out, Squire James, Squire Locklear, Pug and Arutha return to the stage but are joined by an apprentice magician named Owyn and a renegade moredhel name Gorath. Jimmy the Hand has always been a favourite of mine and that's probably why, for me, he seems to be the strongest character this time out too.

However, Gorath is particularly well written. It's not a simple case of a dark elf who finally "got it" and put on a white hat. Gorath's character is complex and, at times, completely unsympathetic. His motivations have very little to do with helping mankind and he makes no apologies for what or who he is. It's a refreshing change from some of the stereotypes out there.

Considering Feist has only barely mentioned this "chapter" before (about mid-way through Shards of a Broken Crown), he does a great job of weaving in "history" without affecting that which six other books have defined as the past. Given the limitations with which Feist had to work, the intricate plot that he weaves is all the more effective. Between the dark elves, a criminal uprising in Krondor, and Pug's other-plane adventures, Feist takes the reader on a merry trip before the threads of the plot start to come together in a suitably "Feistonian" manner.

So, whether you are new to Feist's work or simply crave more, Krondor: The Betrayal will supply it.