When Your Lover Is A Liar

Price: $26.95

AUTHOR:  Susan Forward, Ph.D

TITLE:  When Your Lover Is A Liar


YEAR:  2001

ISBN:  9780060931155

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

Have you ever been lied to by a lover? In this straightforward and supportive book, therapist Susan Forward profiles the wide variety of liars, shows you how to deal with the lies -- from the benign to the lethal -- that these men spin, and gives practical strategies to stop them before they ruin your relationship and, ultimately, your life.Once you find out the truth about your lover and his lies, what do you do?

Forward offers practical, proven, step-by-step methods for healing the wounds caused by his deception and betrayal.

She provides all the communication and behavioral techniques you need to deal with a lover's lies, telling you exactly what to say, when and how to respond to his reactions, and how to present your requirements for staying in the relationship.

With understanding and compassion, she helps you decide whether your relationship can be saved and shows you how to move beyond doubt and regret if you feel that it can't. But whether you stay or go, you can learn to love and trust again.