Karmic Connections by Judy Hall

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Reincarnation Books:  Karmic Connections by Judy Hall

Karmic Connections is a companion volume to "Patterns of the Past", in this this book, Judy Hall explores the relationships we have in this life and their connections to previous lives. Includes visualizations and many case histories.

Author:  Judy Hall
ISBN:  9781902405100
Category: Reincarnation - Paperback

Karma shows itself in relationships. The people you meet, the expectations you have, the circumstances in which you relate, the kind of marriage or other association that you find yourself in all reflect previous liaisons. You are the sum total of all that has happened to you and much of your experience will come through relationships.

Judy Hall believes that if you have enjoyed good and positive relationships in the past, you will find relationships generally beneficial and life enhancing, but bad experiences will be traumatising and maybe even soul destroying. It is these difficult relationships that create the most ingrained karma and which need healing. The threads of relationship can often be traced back through several lives – most ‘significant others’ have been with you many times. Karmic Connections will help you to identify the history of these relationships through the birthchart and, where necessary assist you to release the past in order to move on.