The Velveteen Principles for Women

Price: $35.00

AUTHOR:  Toni Raiten-D'Antonio

TITLE:  The Velveteen Principles for Women

PUBLISHER:  Health Communications, Inc.

PLACE:  Deerfield Beach,FL

YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9780757305610

DESCRIPTION:  Hardcover with sleeve.

Raiten-D'Antonio's take is that women today are plagued by self-doubts, suffer depressions all because they are trying to become superwoman - be beautiful, be great moms, be powerful in the workplace and don't forget being a perfect size 10 sex bombshell while doing it all.

The Velveteen Principles For Women offers women an alternative to conforming and being pigeon-holed into the "you ought to be" mold. She debunks these impossible expectations and instead encourages women to embrace what is real and invokes 13 principles to becoming Real.

Principle #1: You Can Be A Real Woman - "Women who are Real Believe their happiness depends on following their passions and definitions for success. The have take the time to identify their own needs and priorities, and rather than focusing exclusively on the approval of others, they organize their lives so that some of their time and energy is spent on themselves."

Using her own experience and other women's stories, this book is an inspirational guide for any woman who's tired of keeping up appearances, listening to the toxic messages all around us, and finally wants to embrace her individuality.

Raiten-D'Antonio is forthright and lively in her talks about happiness, the beauty bar, misplaced values, cultural expectations, power in the work place, courage, empathy, and all the other things that woman are in constant conflict with because of the social forces that tell us we are less-than.

As the book description says, "It is essential reading for women who want to free themselves from self-doubt, silence their inner critics, and live as the Real, unique, valuable women they are meant to be."