Sacred Purpose Of Being Human

Price: $32.95

AUTHOR:  Jacquelyn Small

TITLE:  Sacred Purpose Of Being Human

PUBLISHER:  Health Communications, Inc.

YEAR:  2005



Noted psychologist Jacquelyn Small helps us break the cycle of addictive behaviour‚ destructive relationships and self−harm by teaching that we are not human beings learning to be spiritual‚ we are spiritual beings learning to be human.

Jacquelyn Small′s 12 Principles of Wholeness‚ developed in her 30−year clinical practice‚ provide a one−year process of psycho spiritual "inner work." Blending ancient wisdom and modern science‚ this process has led client after client to the personal transformation of addictive living that precedes spiritual awakening.

The readings‚ exercises and guided imageries in this book will help you access blocked emotions and modify the basic patterns buried within you that are holding unwanted behaviours in place.

You will learn how to:

Release stuck emotions through "inner work" designed to heal your past.

Identify pseudo−personalities that masquerade as your true self.

Create the inner space required for a spiritual awakening to occur naturally.