Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Price: $32.95

AUTHOR:  C. G. Jung

TITLE:  Memories, Dreams, Reflections

PUBLISHER:  Vintage Books

YEAR:  1989, Revised Edition

ISBN:  067972391


Memories, Dreams, Reflections
the autobiography of Carl Gustav Jung
You've never read a real autobiography until you've read Memories, Dreams, Reflections. What is our memory really made of, after all--the things that happen to us, or the way we felt about them, dealt with them, thought about them? More than a simple chronological account, Memories, Dreams, Reflections is an intimate dialogue between one man and his soul.
But this isn't just any man-this is one of the founding fathers of psychology and one of the most profound and influential thinkers of the twentieth century: Carl Jung. 

You will recognize his childhood memories and interpretations of the world around him--because even though they take place almost a century ago, they are common to all children. His interpretations of his dreams will fascinate you, and will give you insight into your own "night visions." His midlife crisis will be comforting, because you'll realize that everyone struggles with the same issues.
So what makes Jung different from the everyday man? He never shirked away from the questions that hounded him; he pursued them until he had satisfactory answers, yet he remained humble and human throughout his spectacular career. This is the only autobiography you'll ever read that will keep you spellbound all the way through.