Goddess In Older Women

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AUTHOR:  Jean Shinoda Bolen

TITLE:  Goddess In Older Women


YEAR:  2002

ISBN:  9780060929237

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

There are now some 43 million women in America over 50. With the help of goddess archetypes that every woman can cultivate within herself - older women can revolutionise the way they live and the way they are seen by society.

Bolen suggests specific goddess archetypes that embody compassion, fierceness, humor and wisdom in older women. A Jungian analyst and clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco.

Topics explored in this program: · Why older women are most able to make a difference on the planet, different qualities of wisdom as embodied by individual Goddesses, how solitude connects us with the wisdom within, the wonders of fierce and humorous Goddesses, which Goddesses represent compassion and what is the difference between compassion and co-dependency.

On becoming fifty, most of the women I know are celebrating instead of denying their age. Turning fifty may have been an over-the-hill marker for their mothers, but it's a day to break out the champagne for them. Becoming fifty is inspiring reunions of girlfriends who have reached this passage year together. It's party time for some, and a time for rituals or retreats for others.

Most women at fifty are also celebrating how young they still feel and look. Even so, there is a certain unease at growing older. Women reaching fifty do not have many clues about who they might become, or know of the potential energies that menopause can bring, or understand that they are on the threshold of a phase of their lives in which they may become more themselves than at any other time before.

I have written Goddesses in Older Women so women may recognize and name what is stirring inside of them. The wellsprings for these feelings are the goddess archetypes within us, the patterns and energies in our psyches.

By knowing who the goddesses are, women can become more conscious than they would otherwise be of the potentials within them that, once tapped, are sources of spirituality, wisdom, compassion, and action. When archetypes are activated, they energize us and give us a sense of meaning and authenticity.