The Won Thing

Price: $24.95

TITLE:  The Won Thing

AUTHOR:  Peggy McColl

ISBN:  9781401924669

FORMAT:  Paperback

What is the one secret to a successful, fulfilling life? Dont we all want to know just that? Best-selling author and goal-achievement expert Peggy McColl spent many years pondering that question and searching for the answer. Like many people who are searching for a sense of purpose, Peggy looked outside herself for guidance.

Her driving curiosity took her from inspirational books to self-help workshops and lectures, as she absorbed the best advice from dozens of highly successful people, each of whom had their own ideas about the one secret.

She learned a great deal, creating a better life for herself as she applied the wise teachings of others, yet true happiness continued to elude her until she finally realised something that would change her life forever: everything she needed to know was within her already!In this fascinating book.

Peggy shares the lessons she learned during her journey of self-discovery, and will also show you how to discover and realise your own dreams. Her intention is to awaken you to your innate ability to create and enjoy the secret recipe for fulfillment: your Won Thing!