Why Good People Do Bad Things

Price: $32.95

AUTHOR:  Debbie Ford

TITLE:  Why Good People Do Bad Things

PUBLISHER:  Harper One

YEAR:  2008

ISBN:  9780060897376

DESCRIPTION:   Hardcover

In her new book, best-selling author Debbie Ford tries to explain "Why Good People Do Bad Things: How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy." The book delves into the forces that compel people to live by their values and the ones that hold people back while sabotaging their dreams.

Ford begins with an examination of what she calls the Beach-Ball Effect--the way in which suppressed emotions eventually rise to the surface--revealing the origins of self-destructive behavior. By describing the never-ending battle between our light and dark sides and then identifying the signposts for potential disaster, Ford helps us understand how we end up damaging the lives we've worked so hard to create.

She then breaks new ground by helping us recognize the masks we wear to protect ourselves, including the People Pleaser, the Victim, the Bully, Mister Cool, and the Jokester. Understanding these masks and what they cover up allows us to go beneath the surface, wake up from denial, and become the person we always intended to be.