The Complete Mind Makeover

Price: $34.95

AUTHOR:  Ros Taylor

TITLE:  The Complete Mind Makeover

PUBLISHER:  Kogan Page Ltd

YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9780749444549

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

Everybody wants to be able to think creatively, have captivating interpersonal skills and handle conflict elegantly, but not many people believe they can do it. Ros Taylor knows that everybody has the capacity to change - if they want to! In her compelling style, she takes the reader on journey of self-transformation that will help anyone to develop clarity of vision and renewed confidence in their own judgement and abilities.

She helps people to change themselves through personal understanding, and so improve their personal and professional relationships. "The Complete Mind Makeover" draws on Ros' experience of counselling professional people at all stages in their careers, helping to change their negative, unproductive behaviour. Based on her highly successful 4-step action plan, "The Complete Mind Makeover" will inspire anyone to become more positive, productive and relaxed.