Self Matters

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Phillip C. McGraw, PH.D.

TITLE:  Self Matters

PUBLISHER:  Free Press

YEAR:  2003

ISBN:  9780743227254

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

The aim of the book is to help readers discover their "authentic self"--the one attuned to one's deepest needs and passions--and abandon the inauthentic self defined by fears and other people's expectations.

The book is introspection 101, offering a concrete way to take a self-inventory, with questions provided (What have been your psychologically defining moments?

How have you been labeled? What are your fixed beliefs?) He tells people to become aware of the noises inside that constitute a running internal dialog, to toss the old scripts and freshen the perceptual filters. Tinkering under the hood of self can be fascinating. When you get past the showmanship, Dr. Phil is preaching an ancient message: Know thyself.--M.Z.N.