Living Your Best Life

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Laura Berman Fortgang 

TITLE:  Living Your Best Life

PUBLISHER:  Tarcher/Putnam

YEAR:  2001

ISBN:  9781585420926

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

What people are saying about Living Your Best Life

"Laura Berman Fortgang is a wise woman and a spit-fire dynamo all in one. The insights she shares in "Living Your Best Life" will help you reach for the success and fulfillment you are destined for without the struggle you've come to expect."
Ken Blanchard Co-Author of "The One Minute Manager"

"I read LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE on a movie set, and everyone kept stealing it from me, reading it while I was shooting, and then raving about it. Finally I got to finish the book and found it amazingly helpful--Laura helps you organize information you already have inside so you can move your life forward in positive ways. I can't recommend this enough!"
Julia Sweeney - Actress
"A brilliantly written, indispensable guide that touches and expands the very best of our hearts, minds, and spirits. With fresh insights and practical, powerful exercises, Fortgang shows how to restore and revitalize the precious balance between work and home, live and career, and fulfill our highest destiny." 
Harold Bloomfield, M.D., Author of "Making Peace with Your Past" and "How to Survive The Loss of a Love"
"Beware - This book will put you on a one way path to a more creative & fulfilling life. It's a book you'll read cover to cover as it's thought provoking and intuitive nature will work for you right away" 
Kyle MacLachlan - Actor