Let Go Of Clutter

Price: $36.95

AUTHOR:  Harriet Schechter

TITLE:  Let Go Of Clutter

ILLUSTRATOR:Bella Silverstein


ISBN:  9780071351225 

DESCRIPTION:   Paperback

In Let Go of Clutter, organizing expert Harriet Schechter presents a fresh approach to overcoming the natural urge to accumulate objects and information. Dispensing equal doses of help, hope, and humor, she provides effective and realistic options for anyone who juggles too much stuff, too many decisions, and too little time.

Featuring the innovative insights and time-tested techniques that have already helped thousands of Schechter's clients and seminar attendees worldwide, Let Go of Clutter: - Shows how to shed sentimental stuff without fear of regret - Provides easy-to-use forms and checklists that help readers decide what to jettison and what to keep - Includes action plans with systems for conquering all types of clutter, past, present and future