Juicy Tomatoes

Price: $23.95

TITLE:  Juicy Tomatoes

AUTHOR:  Susan Swartz

ISBN:  9781572242173

YEAR:  2000

FORMAT:  Paperback

Life for women after 50 - the real truth at last * Learn what it takes to survive and thrive with this gripping collection of interviews with women aged 50 and over * Shows that midlife is way more than it's cracked up to be: includes blunt discussions about the real hurdles and funny stories about the stereotypes that just aren't true!

* A tell-all collection discusses calcium supplements, hot flushes, sex with and without Viagra, empty nests, the children you never had, denial and demons, and everything in between * Serves as both handbook and support group wrapped into one!

How does a tomato get to be juicy? It gets ripe, that's how. And, properly aged, a ripe tomato is a saucy creature that will go a long, long, long way.

In the films that were popular when the first babyboomers were just being born, a 'tomato' was a woman with attitude: a 'dame' who could take care of herself, protected by an exuberant and wisecracking zest for life that just wouldn't quit. Susan Swartz knows that midlife is great, she knows that she and her peers haven't dried up on the vine, and she is out to prove it!

This is a REALLY enjoyable book!  I guarantee you will get a feeling of "empowerment" after reading this. Not only a great title, but a great read!