Id Change My Life If I Had More Time by Doreen Virtue

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AUTHOR:  Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

TITLE:  I'd Change My Life If I Had More Time


ISBN:  9781561703210


A practical guide to making dreams come true. Learn how to change your life for the positive with this inspiring work from Doreen Virtue.

They say: Do you want to change your life, but just can't find the time to get started? Are you tired of juggling multiple responsibilities, with not much to show for all your hard work? Bestselling author and therapist Dr Doreen Virtue (a wife, mother of two, and a career woman herself) gives you proven psychological and spiritual solutions for making time work in your favour.

Dr Virtue guides you through that perplexing jungle of mind traps that cause time struggles. You'll discover how to access more free time, streamline your schedule, receive loving support from your friends and family. You'll also learn methods to boost your self-confidence, reduce your fear of failure, increase your intuitive powers, and unleash your natural success consciousness. You deserve to have a rich life full of fun, relaxation, prosperity, and love - starting right now.