Highly Sensitive Person's Companion

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Ted Zeff, PH,D.

TITLE:  Highly Sensitive Person's Companion

PUBLISHER:  New Harbinger

YEAR:  2007

ISBN: 9781572244931


It's just a matter of genetics: About one in every twenty of us has a neurological system that is especially acute and finely tuned. On one hand, it's a great gift. It makes the world seem richer, subtler, more infinite in variety. On the other, it makes these highly sensitive people (HSPs) more easily disturbed by bright lights, loud noises and the chaos that the less sensitive among us take for granted. In her breakaway book, The Highly Sensitive Person, psychologist Elaine Aron defined this common condition. Author Ted Zeff, a close associate of Aron's, offered practical tips for making the most of this sensitivity in his first book, The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide. Now he offers HSPs a daily companion of tips, tricks and exercises they can use to find the inner peace they need to enjoy and thrive with their heightened sensitivity.

Each chapter of the book addresses overstimulation as it occurs in a specific aspect of life: scheduling, diet, exercise and relationships. Engaging examples and workbook-style exercises help readers modify their lifestyles in easy-to-follow, seven-day programmes. With Zeff's first book on hand for emergency sensitivity management and the techniques in this book for steady, progressive improvement, HSPs will be ready to get out and start enjoying a world of dazzling sensation.