Understanding Your Child's Puzzling Behavior

Price: $28.95

AUTHOR:  Steven E. Curtis, PhD

TITLE:  Understanding Your Child's Puzzling Behavior

PUBLISHER:  Lifespan Press

ISBN:  9780979498206

DESCRIPTION:  New, Paperback

Does my child need help? When should you seek professional help for your child's behavioural, social, or learning challenges? This is the ultimate resource for assessing your child's behaviour, learning when to intervene, and knowing how to seek further help for a struggling child.

Whether a child is dealing with school performance issues, anxiety, non-compliance, angry outbursts, or a host of other difficulties, this book offers a step-by-step method that walks parents through the often-complex process of treating a child's problems.

You will learn: not to accept any "quick-fix" solutions; how to holistically assess the condition and determine the nature and cause of the behaviour; and, what professionals can offer, and when to consult them. This book can help parents to make informed and confident decisions about their child's well-being.