The Force Is With Us

Price: $37.99

AUTHOR:  Thomas Walker

TITLE:  The Force Is With Us

YEAR:  2009

ISBN:  9780835608671


Inspired by encounters with his son from beyond the grave, Tom Walker went searching for answers. He discovered that paranormal phenomena have not only been exhaustively studied, but that scientific evidence exists to support it. He uncovered numerous scientific studies involving telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis, as well as government-funded scientists who proved their validity.

Through his research, Walker eventually came to the belief that there is a force in the world that makes things happen. The force, an energy field that permeates the universe, forms and sustains all things, and is the basis behind paranormal phenomena and alternative forms of healing.

He describes his provocative conclusions in this book. Making compelling connections between ideas like the Great Void and "dark matter," between Ch’i and quantum fields, Walker argues that it is our connection with the higher planes of consciousness - the fundamental quantum reality— that truly makes up the world.