Relax Its Only A Ghost

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Echo Bodine

TITLE:  Relax Its Only A Ghost

PUBLISHER:  Fair Winds Press


ISBN:  9781931412711

FORMAT:  Paperback

Relax, It's Only a Ghost: My Adventures with Spirits, Hauntings and Things That Go Bump in the Night.

Echo didn't want to be a psychic. She resisted it. She tried to ignore the voices she heard, the spirits she saw, and the way her hands got warm when she was near a sick person. But Echo couldn't resist her psychic powers.

Relax, It's Only a Ghost is not only the story of how she eventually came to terms with her psychic abilities, but is also the story of her unusual experiences as she started to put those abilities to work helping other people. Echo introduces us to a wild assortment of ghosts.

Follow Echo into the house that was home to several different ghosts, including two small children giggling in a closet and a ghost prayer group in the living room. Encounter Bob, the ghost who was in love with the current owner of the house he inhabited.

Her stories are often funny, sometimes unnerving and always informative. These entertaining and informative tales will provide reassurance to the millions of us who have encountered "things that go bump in the night."