Eye Of The Centaur

Price: $25.95

AUTHOR:  Barbara Hand Clow

TITLE:  Eye Of The Centaur

PUBLISHER:  Bear & Company

ISBN:  9780939680603


An inner journey into the multiple landscapes of the creative unconscious, guiding us through twelve thousand years of human history, with in-depth experiences of initiations and sacred rites.

In Eye of the Centaur, Barbara Clow has written down her experiences with past-life regression, and courageously shares very personal details about her experiences. She has lived as prophets and priests, and her description of ancient spiritual traditions is fascinating.

She also describes lives that were particularly painful for her, and her so-called "ordinary" lives. But whatever life she is narrating, she makes it very clear how reliving her past lives transformed her self-perception and empowered her to fully achieve her potential.

I also found the introduction by her past-life therapist, Gregory Paxson, very helpful. The introduction sets down the reasons why past-life therapy is so beneficial for releasing unexplained trauma and phobia in our current lives.

This book not only tells us but shows us it is possible to cultivate a much richer understanding of who we really are and that we can consciously work with wisdom we acquired in past lives for the highest good. This is a tremendously powerful book.