You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience by Bob Frissell

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You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience by Bob Frissell

Title:  You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience
Author:  Bob Frissell
Year:  2001
Isbn:  9781583940334
Format:  Paperback

The author of "Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are"

You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience by Bob Frissell, shows how we can shift our identity from being a human victim to being a spiritual master How the Unity of Being is the hidden meaning of all world religions.

How a secret Bible code may contain the entire Akashic Records How a genetically mutated race of special children called the "Indigos" are already present on Earth to lead us to higher levels of consciousness How we may already have passed into the fourth dimensions more news about the Sirians, the Martians, the Australian Aborigines, contemporary Mayans, and the present day survivors from the fall of Atlantis

Bob Frissell reminds readers that they create their own reality through their consciousness and that improving this reality and living a fuller life is simply a matter of broadening one's perspectives. In this book, he shows people how to reconnect with their multidimensional selves and remake their lives. 12 illustrations.

Review by Terrie (Little Chute, WI USA) January 4, 2003

This is a hard review to write for the same reason that this is a good book to read. What's it all about? How much of it do I buy into? It's a trip. I read and enjoy Bob Frissell's books because as Bob Dylan once said, "I know there's something happening here, but I don't know what it is." Bob Frissell's books are all brimming over with bizarre information about the "true" nature of the Universe and this one is no different. It talks about sacred geometry, ascended Masters, Christ Consciousness, Martians, Sirians, different dimensions, Bible Codes, the pineal gland, rebirthing, the Fall of Atlantis, the Secret Government, the Greys, Thoth, Ra and the boys from Egypt and Luciferian consciousness among many other juicy topics.

Have you ever tried wrapping your head around the Universe...I mean just the concept of a Uni-verse? Then think about microcosm and macrocosm, about energy and love, about the subtle bodies and different planes of existence. How about "I Am"? OM. How about co-creating that Universe? Well, if you're reading this review, you probably have. This book, like the two preceding it, Nothing In This Book Is True and Something in This Book Is True, are point blank discussions about many different so-called New Age topics, frankly stated and without a lot of extraneous fluff, and they contain much material that has been delivered to Bob Frissell by an exulted being of an order known as the Melchizedeks, by the name of Drunvalo Melchizedek, himself an interesting author. Basically, it's the lowdown on the evolution of the human race in the grand scheme of the evolution of the planet and the solar system and the Universe itself.

I find it enormously entertaining and thought-provoking and I actually do feel that much of it is true, as embarassing as that would be to admit in many circles within which I travel. I mean it's just so "out there". But then, I'm a person who, based on my own observations, personally believes that birds can travel inter-dimensionally. Think how tickled I was to read in this book that Bob Frissell thinks dolphins can do the same thing! Wow.

In order to become more fully actualized and to help our planet make the shift into higher consciousness Bob Frissell recommends some breathing and meditating techniques which I have not tried. That's the thing, I guess, all this crazy stuff IS just too much for me to really integrate. When I read the fascinating quantum physics parts of his book, I am just zipping along out there in the cosmos and I'm following it and I can see myself as a geometric form of energy, the totality of Being and at the same time but an aspect of Being, shifting my identity from that of a human victim to being a spiritual Master and then I gotta put the book down and watch The Weakest Link on TV. I guess I'm still just a third dimensional spud, but I love these books. Check this one out.