The Great Gate

Price: $26.95

AUTHOR:  T Rinpoche

TITLE:  The Great Gate

PUBLISHER:  North Atlantic Books

YEAR:  2008



Vajrayana Buddhism differs from other branches of Buddhism in providing an accelerated path to enlightenment based on Dzogchen principles.

The word dzogchen, translated variously as Great Perfection and Great Completeness, conveys the idea that our nature as intrinsic awareness has many qualities that make it perfect: indestructibility, incorruptible purity, non-discriminating openness, flawless clarity, profound simplicity, all-pervading presence, and attitude of equality toward all beings.

The path to connecting to these qualities was once secretly held and privately transmitted; The Great Gate: A Guidebook to the Guru's Heart Practice makes the Vajrayana path and techniques available to contemporary seekers.

Drawing on the work of four renowned Tibetan masters, The Great Gate compiles concise instructions on Dzogchen's foundational practices, which comprise a powerful method for turning the mind toward the Dharma and opening to the Dzogchen perspective. This revised edition features a new translation and an extensive commentary by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche.