Spirit Rescue

Price: $23.95

AUTHOR:  Wilma Davidson

TITLE:  Spirit Rescue

PUBLISHER:  Llewellyn

YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9780738709079

EDITION:  First, 2rd Printing


This is a lively introduction to the spirit world, and readers of the paranormal will find reading this nonfiction work a delightful experience! This book covers a lot of territory, and covers it well. Ghosts, animal spirits, non-human entities, spirit rescue work, near-death experiences, angels, spiritual healing, psychic protection, astral travel portals, dowsing, geopathic stress, and reincarnation are among the topics shared with the reader.

Essentially, Spirit Rescue offers sound, practical advice for any reader wishing to develop his or her own psychic and healing abilities. This book is definitely worth your time!

Following an invigorating introduction, the first chapter discusses reincarnation. The second chapter is about astral travel. Other chapters cover earthbound spirits, spirit rescues, and information to excite the reader's imagination. Well-written, the book never lags!

The index is concise and helpful. The resources section is full of helpful references.
Those readers interested in the aura will find helpful information. Channeling is covered. Some interesting comments on the Ouija Board are given. Those interested in healing aspects will find much good reading. Wilma Davidson is sincere in her writing and it comes across honestly, and in a helpful manner.

This is a book that will find a ready audience. Well-crafted, it is enjoyable reading. Wilma Davidson is to be congratulated on an excellent book concerning the world of spirit and spirit rescue. If you like books that reveal how to talk with ghosts and helping to free earthbound spirits, this is a fine one.