Soul's Perfection

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Sylvia Browne

TITLE:  Soul's Perfection


YEAR:  2000

ISBN:  9781561707232


Sylvia Brown and her guides help solve a great mystery in this fascinating book -- namely, what is the meaning of life? Most human beings -- and many teachers and great scholars -- have pondered this question over the years, but there has never been a truly definite answer. This leaves most of us with a feeling of being incomplete in some way.

Here, Sylvia and her guides take you to that place within you where you can achieve a sense of intellectual and spiritual fulfillment. They explain that we are here to perfect our souls by absorbing God's knowledge. We are the experiencing side of God, where God is the primary intellect of creation. Simply put, to really know something means that we must also truly experience it. For example, we can read a book about boat building, but only after actually building that boat will be fully understand it from an all-encompassing perspective.

Soul's Perfection takes you through the complete scope of your soul's journey, from planning each incarnation on the Other Side to making life meaningful here on Earth. If you wish to stand proudly before God some day, then the concepts discussed here will bring you wisdom, depth, and spiritual insight.