Seekers Of The Soul

Price: $29.95

TITLE:  Seekers Of The Soul

AUTHOR:  Sherry Ward

ISBN:  9780595498666

YEAR:  2009

FORMAT:  Paperback

Seekers of the Soul is the result of Ward's inquisitive journey into the world of psychics, visionaries, and intuitives who gain information using more than the traditional senses. Here Ward presents detailed profiles of seven individuals with exceptional abilities to sense and translate what to others is "not there."

After interviewing numerous psychics, Ward chose the most principled, unique and skillful among them for Seekers of the Soul. Each person profiled uses his or her gifts to provide seekers with spiritual insight, emotional wisdom, or perhaps a connection to a loved-one who has crossed over. Although each psychic or intuitive divines his or her information differently, their clients benefit from the guidance, finding information relevant to their lives.

For all who are intrigued by the extra-sensory realm and want to know how to take your soul to its highest potential, you'll find Ward's research and engaging profiles replete with insight and meaning.

Please Note:  These books were damaged in transit.

Damaged on the very top part of the spine-otherwise in excellent condition. Great Value!