Sacred Signs

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Adrian Calabrese

TITLE:  Sacred Signs

PUBLISHER: LLewellyn Publications

YEAR:  2006

ISBN:  9780738707761



"All of us have direct access to God. Whatever you wish to call the Creative Energy that brought forth all there is, it is waiting for you to call upon its advice, and is probably wondering what¸s taking you so long!!!"--Adrien CalabressIt might seem like a mere coincidence that you've found this book. But if you've been thinking about changing your life for the better, your discovery of this book could be a sign.

According to author Adrian Calabrese, we all receive divine signs from the Universe, Spirit, God, or whatever we call the Creative Force. Such "signs" come to us when we need confirmation that we're on the right path - or occasionally, as warnings when we're headed down the wrong one.

Sacred Signs is about learning how to talk to the Universe, and how to understand the answers you receive. Divided into three main parts, this book gives you the three keys to the knowledge of the Universe: asking, accepting, and trusting.

Part I helps you understand what sacred signs are, and explains the three keys in detail. Part II shows step by step how to recognize, request, and interpret each sign and its personal guidance. Part III shows you how to maintain this ongoing conversation with God every day of your life - in essence, the key to answered prayers.