Psychic Detective

Price: $32.95

AUTHOR:  Scott Russell Hill

TITLE:  Psychic Detective

PUBLISHER:  Macmillan

PLACE:  Sydney, Australia

YEAR:  2006

ISBN:  9781405037402


In 2005, psychic Scott Russell Hill appeared on Sensing Murder, a show that used psychic clues to investigate unsolved murders and disappearances. Time and again he riveted audiences with his accuracy and insight into the crimes in question.
Before Sensing Murder, Scott had used his talents to read for the living. Now he is using them to receive messages from the other side.
Psychic Detective chronicles Scott's fascinating journey through the netherworld of cold cases and the clues he receives from the other side. Covering some of Australia and New Zealand's most notorious cases, Scott investigates the messages he's receiving and offers fresh insights into the often mysterious circumstances of the crime in question.
Psychic Detective is a compelling look at crime and clues translated across the divide of the living and the afterlife from one of Australia's most high-profile psychics.