Mind, Body, Spirit Miscellany

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Mind, Body, Spirit Miscellany by Jane Alexander

Inspire your spirit, illuminate your mind, energise your body … and while away the hours in absorbed fascination!

TITLE:  Mind, Body, Spirit Miscellany
AUTHOR:  Jane Alexander
ISBN:  9781844838318
YEAR:  2009
FORMAT:  Hardcover

This treasure-trove of delights for everyone fascinated by the spiritual, the arcane and the unexplained offers nuggets of insight into everything from crystals, Freud and herbal remedies to Mayan prophecies, creation myths and seriously bad Feng Shui.

Here for the first time is a miscellany for all who are drawn to the mysteries of mind, body and spirit – a book packed with intriguing and thought-provoking content for the open-minded reader to dip into and explore, as well as practical guidance on everything from rebirthing to making your own crop circle.

This is a book packed with compelling insights, wisdom and advice distilled from the world's spiritual, mystic, arcane and holistic traditions – from Zoroastrianism and labyrinths to Astanga Yoga and herbal teas. Lose yourself – and enrich yourself immeasurably – in all that is mysterious, profound, healing, challenging, esoteric and transcendent.