Happy For No Good Reason, New Edition

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Swami Shankarananda

TITLE:  Happy For No Good Reason, New Edition

PUBLISHER:  Shaktipat Press

YEAR:  2004

ISBN:  9780975099513

DESCRIPTION:  Paperback wth CD

This unique guide to meditation, written by Australia's leading meditation teacher, will help you find inner peace.

Swami Shankarananda is the Director of the Shiva School of Meditation in Melbourne. He has taught meditation to the Victorian Police and the Fire Brigade, and lectured widely, including the National Gallery of Victoria. Swamiji has written extensively in his field, lectured internationally and has appeared many times on national television. Born in New York, he taught English Literature at Indiana University before going to India in 1970.

Happy For No Good Reason is a comprehensive manual of meditation and related topics, written by one of the first Western spiritual masters trained in the East. Learn to meditate easily with this book and its accompanying CD, and then take this transforming skill into your everyday life.

"After three years of visiting and working with Swamiji I accepted him as my teacher, the one I trusted to teach me what he had learned. I started to experience a contentment that I never thought I would find. This contentment has everything to do with self-acceptance—it is a wonderful journey." Garry McDonald, Actor

"Swami Shankarananda is one of those rare souls who has probed and discovered the meaning of life. His teachings are offered in a form everyone can understand and, most importantly, everyone can apply in their daily lives. This book is an inspiration and valuable source of meditation techniques for those interested in enriching their lives." — Dr Nicholas Brash, Corporate Lawyer

"Swami Shankarananda is a remarkable teacher who has made the practice of meditation both accessible and natural. This book is a treasure, filled with teachings that truly help people bring more happiness and peace into their lives." — Dr Isobel Crombie, Senior Curator, Photography, National Gallery of Victoria