Wicca Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher

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Magic: Wicca Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher

Title:  Wicca Bible
Author:  Ann-Marie Gallagher
Publisher:  Hodder & Stoughton
Year:  2005
Isbn:  9781841812502
Format:  Paperback
Category: Magic

Wicca Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher is in the exact format as the other spiritual bibles, crystal bible, spells bible etc.
As such this is in the very easy to use format brilliant for when you need to refer back to specific sections. Yes, this is another Wicca 101 book but, this is more than that it takes you from the very beginnings as you have discovered your path through to the more complex aspects of the 'craft'.

The correspondences are very easily accesible and everything is explained in such brilliant detail and so easy to understand that said, I think even the more experienced Wiccans will gain something from this book too.

A really brilliant book and if you don't already have The Spells Bible I would highly recommend it as it is the perfect accompaniment to The Wicca Bible.