Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat

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Magic: Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat

Title:  Deepening Witchcraft
Author:  Grey Cat
Publisher:  ECW Press,Canada
Isbn:  9781550224955
Year: 2002
Format:  Paperback
Category: Magic

Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat offers the knowledge a well-informed Pagan needs, going beyond the basics contained in the masses of introductory Wiccan titles and explaining many of the skill which must be developed and honed by the more advanced student of Wicca.

Offering up-to-date information on Pagan history, both ancient and modern, this book also closely examines the religious beliefs of Paganism and its deities and outlines a solid personal basis for good behavior in a religion that does not incorporate karma, a vengeful god, or punitive law.

With a special chapter on advanced magic and tips on teaching, leading and sharing knowledge, this seminal guide is an informed and reliable resource for leaders in Witchen communities or for students who wish to deepen their true understanding of the Wiccan way.

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read!, December 12, 2004
By L. Holland (Nashville, TN)
Deepening Witchcraft by Grey Cat Great practical information, a wonderful, dry sense of humor and a crisp writing style made this book a very easy read. The information is well organized and succinct, laid out in self-contained chapters. I am very glad to see someone finally deal with the issue of analytical thinking and magic! She shares her "A Priestess's Litany for a New Day", which is an inspiring dedication. The only issue I have with this book is that I do not agree with some of her opinions on the history of Wicca/Neo-Paganism. However, as the history on the Western Mystery Tradition is one of my passions, I usually do not agree 100% with any author on this subject. I highly recommend this book to anyone tired of basic "Wicca 101" books.

By Robin M Goffinet (Richmond, IN United States)
Deepening Witchcraft: Advancing Skills & Knowledge (Paperback)
This book is not really for beginners. It is advanced knowledge and mostly for teachers and coven leaders. I am neither a teacher nor a leader but this was still an important book for me. Grey Cat sometimes resorts to using minor cuss words to get her point across and she does a great job of getting her point across in that way. She writes in a way that is easy to understand and, at times, is very humorous.
The first half of this book is deeper knowledge, which I was hungering for, and the second half is for organizing and leading rituals. I am not at that point yet but it is still good material to know because who knows when you may become a high priestess? It may be alot sooner than you think.
Grey Cat keeps alot of general how to out of this book and I really appriciated that. I am at the stage where I am no longer a beginner but not really advanced yet and alot of the stuff that she writes was easy for me to understand. Overall,I would recommend this book to anyone who is tired of reading the same beginner material over and over and wants a little bit deeper knowledge.