Pleasure Healing

Price: $30.05

AUTHOR:  Mary Beth Janssen

TITLE:  Pleasure Healing

PUBLISHER:  New Harbinger Publications

YEAR:  2009

ISBN:  9781572245747


Spas have become self-care oases for millions of people living busy, hectic lives. And while your skin may be smoother when you leave, the relaxation response sparked by a visit to the spa is an equally invaluable gift. Pleasure Healing will help you give that gift to yourself every day by bringing relaxation and present-moment awareness into your life.

As you incorporate mindfulness techniques including meditation, healing breathwork, conscious movement, and other pleasure-healing rituals into your daily routine, you'll notice the spa ethos transforming your mindset, calming stress, and enriching your life.

Turning these pages is a spa journey in itself-a beautiful release from distraction and worry guided by an author who is intuitive and wise.
-Deborah Szekely, cofounder of Rancho La Puerta with her husband Edmond Szekely, and founder of the Golden Door Spa

Candace Pert and Solomon Snyder of Johns Hopkins discovered the mood-enhancing, joy-inducing, pain-reducing endorphin— a neurohormone. Endorphin is short for "endogenous morphine," i.e. built-in heroin! It is released when we breathe deeply, exercise, receive a massage, make love, eat certain foods, and a whole host of other pleasurable activities.  The full benefit of pleasure healing can only be experienced when we are fully present during these pleasure healing experiences.