Mysteries Of Atlantis

Price: $27.50

AUTHOR:  Edgar CAYCE, Gail Cayce SCHWARTZER & Douglas Richards, Ph.D.

TITLE:  Mysteries Of Atlantis


YEAR:  2006

ISBN:  9780876045749

EDITION:  New Updated Ed


One of the greatest sources for information on Atlantis is Edgar Cayce. The amount of information that came through him has filled books and may be comparable to Plato’s writing on this ancient sea continent. Cayce’s psychic ability to read Mother Earth’s memories of Atlantis—what the Hindus call the Akashic Record—is amazing. In this updated edition, written in part by one of his sons, Cayce’s story of Atlantis is told in detail. Cayce’s directions for discovering remnants of Atlantis are followed and reported on, with amazing results.

Today the organisation that Cayce founded in 1931, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), continues to conduct more expeditions in search of Atlantis than any other group on the planet. Edgerton Sykes, the famous collector of books and manuscripts on Atlantis, was so impressed with the work of Cayce’s organisation that, upon his death, he donated his entire collection to Cayce’s A.R.E. Library. Researchers from around the world come to this library to find the information on the mysterious, antediluvian continent of legends.

The curious Bimini Road—perfect underwater circles, squares, and parallel lines; strange sweet-water wells; animal effigies; the peculiar Sargasso Sea (which Cayce identified as a marker of one of the greatest sunken portions of Atlantis); geology that makes no sense; and many other strange and wondrous details about Atlantis and the Atlanteans—is in this new, updated edition.