The Top 10 Herbal Remedies

Price: $16.95

AUTHOR:  Anne McIntyre

TITLE:  The Top 10 Herbal Remedies

PUBLISHER:  Duncan Blair Publishers Ltd

YEAR:  2006

ISBN:  9781844832323


From Aloe Vera to Wild Oats, this attractively illustrated compendium provides expert advice on how to use the 100 best herbal remedies, along with a thorough introduction to the benefits of herbal medicine and advice on self-treatment. Find out how to help heal colds and flu, minor cuts and bruises, and muscle cramps and migraines.

The ailments are grouped by body system, and each includes guidance on the most effective therapies, including simple infusions, tinctures, and creams. There's something for allergies, insomnia, poor appetite, digestive problems, heartburn, and many more problems.

An easy-to-read table gives standard dosages for both adults and children, and each entry discusses the parts of the herb used, its properties and actions, and indications and contraindications.