Women Living With Fibromyalgia

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Mari Skelly

TITLE:  Women Living With Fibromyalgia

PUBLISHER:  Hunter House

YEAR:  2002

ISBN:  9780897933421


There are many getting diagnosed with FM, or fibromyalgia, and haven’t ever heard of it. Then there are those that are certain that they have it, want to understand it, and are still attempting to find someone to give them the diagnosis. Whichever the case, Mari Skelly has written a great book that answers many of the top questions whether the diagnosis is still being sought or if it has already arrived.

Resources and Definitions

Two chapters specifically deal with where the reader can go to get other information. There were a good five pages of different resources, from support groups, to organizations, and other places that one can find more information on Fibromyalgia. There is a good glossary so that any words that are difficult to understand or that the reader just isn’t aware of can be looked up and defined. This can keep the reader from getting bogged down in the language, even though the book was written in normal layman's terms.

Case Studies

What was really the key to the book, crucial in making it stand out among others on the shelf, were the case studies. These patient accounts really added a human feel to the book, and wasn’t too scientific or too basic.

It was a perfect mix of telling in easy detail the who, what, where, and why of the condition. Some of the case studies used in the different chapters really focused on the way that it feels to have FM, and how the sufferers manage throughout the day. No one except those living with the condition can truly describe how it feels and what worked for them, and it's those tidbits scattered throughout the book that really were nice to read.