Vibrational Medicine

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Richard Gerber, M.D.

TITLE:  Vibrational Medicine, New Choices For Healing Ourselves

PUBLISHER:  Bear & Company

ISBN:  9781879181588

EDITION:  Updated Ed


In his book "Vibrational Medicine – New choices for Healing Ourselves", Dr Richard Gerber M.D describes Vibrational medicine thus:- "That healing philosophy which aims to treat the whole person ie. the mind/body/spirit complex, by delivering energy to the human multidimensional system.

Vibrational healing seeks to heal the physical body by integrating and balancing the higher energetic systems……"

Everything on the planet is composed of complex networks of energy, including human beings. Scientists have discovered that the outcome of experiments, for example, can be influenced by the thought patterns (which are a form of energy) of those conducting them. It has also been found that a lot of illness is most likely the result of emotional imbalance.

If our energy systems become disturbed or go out of alignment, it eventually affects our physical body and we experience ‘dis-ease’ – we get sick. Vibrational healing uses energetic tools to realign the energetic field around the body and bring it back into balance.