Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ai

Price: $34.95

AUTHOR:  Sylvia Browne

TITLE:  Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You


YEAR:  27 April 2009

ISBN:  9781401910884


If our outlook isn't positive, we're going to become depressed, ill, unhappy, cynical, jealous, lazy, dependent, angry, bitter, argumentative,, peevish, and nitpicky; and soon we'll find ourselves taking out our poor attitude on the folks around us, which just makes the situation worse.  When we decide to blame others for our plight and take things out on them, this leads to the breakup of friendships and even families.

The mightiest weapon in the fight against life's adversity is your mind.  In order to be happy and give yourself the power to cure any disease or illness, you must change your mental outlook!  Constantly program yourself to be upbeat, effervescent, and joyful by using positive affirmations and telling your mind and body to be the best person you can possibly be.  After that, start doing for others-be it your loved ones, members of a charitable cause, or deserving strangers.  The activation of your mind and body will help you feel wonderful, both about other people and yourself.

I promise that if you do so, you won't have the time or inclination to dwell upon your own problems as much, and any negativity will greatly dissipate or ever disappear.  You'll create a positive aura around you, and you'll learn to love yourself.  From this point, ultimate happiness and miraculous healing are easily within your grasp.