Healing Power Of Sunlight

Price: $14.95

AUTHOR:  Jakob Lorber

TITLE:  Healing Power Of Sunlight

PUBLISHER:  Merkur Publishing

ISBN:  9781885928108


The responsibility of our physical, astral, and spiritual health lies within each person. In a society where this responsibility is handed over to another is the cause of all of today's ills. The Healing Power of Sunlight is not meant to be a substitute for the health-care industry, but was published to provide additional information about how to spiritually care of our body, soul and spirit.

Many heliopathic [sun-homeopathy] remedies of a universal nature are given for many ailments. Using the sun's energies, The Healing Power of Sunlight provides a unique look into capturing the sun's energies to heal ourselves. Proper cleansing of the soul, as provided by the sun remedies, heals the physical body and brings new energy to the spirit. Major arcanum for eternal health and beauty.