Healing Fibromyalgia

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AUTHOR:  David H. Trock, M.D., & Frances Chamberlain

TITLE:  Healing Fibromyalgia


YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9780471724285


Finally----an effective approach to fibromyalgia treatment and recovery!

"Healing Fibromyalgia is a must for the person with fibromyalgia. Dr. Trock has listened to the needs of his patients and has responded with a clear and concise book that explains the problem and provides solutions to living with fibromyalgia--highly recommended as a guide to recovery!"
--Denise L. Taylor-Moon, former Director of Outreach for the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan

Healing Fibromyalgia: The Three-Step Solution is not just another book telling you how to live with fibromyalgia--it's a guide for enjoying life fully without it. Exciting new findings and effective new therapies make it possible to eliminate the debilitating, intense pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia and reboot your life. This authoritative medical guide gives you the most current and accurate information on fibromyalgia causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Healing Fibromyalgia covers vital topics that include:

Common triggers of fibromyalgia, including physical trauma, an infection such as Lyme disease or hepatitis C, emotional upheaval, or chronic daily stress

Finding the right physician--one who will listen to you and work with you

The ideal fibromyalgia work-up--your medical history and physical exam

An integrative approach to recovery that includes traditional medicine, lifestyle modifications, and holistic care

Pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical treatments, including dietary supplements, manual therapies, injection treatments, pain-management techniques, and alternative remedies

Useful tools for managing your fibromyalgia

Beneficial lifestyle changes, including exercise and nutrition dos and don'ts

Real-life stories of people who have conquered fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia sufferers have different triggers, different combinations of symptoms, and different routes to successful treatment and healing. This guide helps you find your personal path toward real and lasting relief.
Finally- hope for the millions of fibromyalgia sufferers

Approximately 5 million Americans have fibromyalgia, a mysterious syndrome that causes debilitating, intense pain and fatigue. Typically, mainstream medicine discounts the condition, which makes sufferers eager for self-care information. Written by an expert in rheumatology, this authoritative medical guide covers the most recent and accurate information on fibromyalgia symptoms, diagnosis, treatments (both traditional and alternative), and lifestyle changes.

David H. Trock, MD (Danbury, CT), the Chief of Rheumatology at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut, has more than 20 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating people with fibromyalgia. Dr. Trock is also Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. Frances Chamberlain (Washington, CT) is an experienced medical writer.

Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: The Problem. Chapter 1. Fibromyalgia and Its Common Triggers. Chapter 2. The Biology of Chronic Stress. Chapter 3. Pain Generators? Chapter 4. Sleep Matters. Chapter 5. Why Doctors Have Failed. Part II: The Solution. Chapter 6. Making the correct diagnosis. Chapter 7. The Ideal Fibromyalgia Work-up. Chapter 8. Your Way to Recovery Chapter 9. New treatments on the horizon. Chapter 10. Tools for Managing Your Fibromyalgia. Chapter 11. Putting It All Together. Appendix A. Appendix B. Appendix C. Appendix D. Resources. Glossary. References. Index.