Fit For Life, Not Fat ,For Life

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Harvey Diamond

TITLE:  Fit For Life, Not Fat ,For Life

PUBLISHER:  Health Communications Inc

YEAR:  2003

ISBN:  9780757301131


This book offers not a diet, but a lifelong way of eating that allows the eating experience to remain a joyous one, rather than a clinical endeavor of measuring portions, counting calories, calculating grams of fat, carbohydrates and protein, or ingesting meal replacements.

It teaches readers how to eat any food in the most healthful way so there is no feeling of deprivation. As readers embark on this life-changing journey, they will experience the surge of energy and well-being that only comes as the automatic result of properly fueling their bodies.

Providing deliberate, gentle and forgiving guidance every step of the way, this book will become readers' trusted source and companion as they walk a new path to health and vitality!