Nutritional Healing: Young Today, Young Tomorrow

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AUTHOR:  Soroush Habibi M.D.

TITLE:  Nutritional Healing: Young Today, Young Tomorrow

ISBN:  9780957922204

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Dr. Soroush Habibi is the author of the book "Nutritional Healing - Young Today, Young Tomorrow" and has been a practising physician for the last twenty-two years with a passion for nutrition and disease prevention. His experience goes beyond the borders of Australia extending to the Pacific Islands and Asia.

He is a member of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. He has been practising nutritional medicine for the past 11 years. He is a dynamic speaker and regularly presents seminars and workshops to doctors, companies and the public on topics related to the importance of healthy living, anti-aging, mind power, stress management and the secrets of contentment and success.

    * Learn the secrets of healthy living
    * Learn the secrets of antioxidants
    * Learn the secrets of contentment & success
    * Discover the secrets of anti-aging
    * Discover the secrets of youthful vitality
    * Discover the secrets of memory enhancement
    * Use the power of your mind to your advantage in your life and your work
    * Be pro-active and live without stress