Lightworkers Guide To Healing Grief

Price: $29.95

TITLE:  Lightworkers Guide To Healing Grief

AUTHOR:  Tina Erwin

ISBN;  9780876045879

FORMAT:  Paperback

YEAR:  2009

A lightworker is someone who believes anything is possible through faith and love, and knows that there is a mission in this life for everyone. As we grow physically and mentally, we face great joys, sorrows, and yes, eventually death whether it is a loved one or our own.
Lightworkers Guide To Healing Grief is for all those left behind, who are in the learning phase of acceptance of the transition of a loved one or who have experienced any type of grief. This sensitive, comforting book gives the reader the tools to deal with tragedy in a brand new way.
When author Tina Erwins niece died at the age of six, she was forced to use all of her knowledge of metaphysics to help herself, her sister, and their family to deal with this profound loss. All of her years of experience, coupled with the personal healing of her family, guided her to create this book.
Erwin offers us all hope about the afterlife while also exploring reincarnation, “death gates,” angels, and ghosts. But more than that, she takes us through the stages of grief—offering tools and methods that really help us heal. Comprehensively, this guidebook offers the tools you need to not only help yourself, but to help others, while providing a fascinating look at our soul essence.