Universal Waite Tarot - Pocket by Mary Hanson-Roberts

Price: $29.95

Title:  Universal Waite Tarot - Pocket
Author:  Mary Hanson-Roberts
Isbn:   9781572814745
Format:  Tarot cards - Pocket Size

The popular Universal Waite Tarot deck is now available in a handy 5cm x 9cm approx pocket size. The deck is packaged in a deluxe stand-up box and is an ideal tool for meditation and readings. Including instruction booklet.

"The Universal Waite Tarot - Pocket Deck is simply beautiful, I carry it with me every where.  My friends also love it, so much better if you are looking for a deck that is portable. The box that contains these fabulous cards is strong and very attractive, so there's no need to buy any thing else!" Carolyn Wild.