Mysteries Of Demeter

Price: $44.95

AUTHOR:  Jennifer Reif

TITLE:  Mysteries Of Demeter


ISBN:  9781578631414


Jennifer Reif has created a practical manual for experiencing the Rites and Mysteries of Demeter and Persephone. Her presentation depicts Demeter as the many-faceted Great Mother who gives birth to all of life; Persephone is the light-giving and loving force that helps transform Plouton and the spirits of the Underworld.

This book sings the song of the transcendent power of love and eternal renewal in the cycle of life and death. Reif provides a great deal of historical information to lay the groundwork for the Demetrian Wheel of the Year. Like the Wheel of the Year in Celtic Wicca, Demetrian paganism contains a cycle of seasonal rituals. The Holy Mother and Daughter are the focus, and lead us into the center of the Mysteries, which teach us that Earth and all of life are sacred.

In this lovely book, Reif clearly describes the rituals and provides sacred prayers, chants, and recipes for sacred food. She gives guidance for establishing a Temple of Demeter and Persephone, whether you are worshiping alone or with a group, and includes information on ritual garments, oil lamps, and other accouterments.

As the penultimate offering to the Great Mother, and a practice of Demetrian spirituality, Reif teaches you how to raise and harvest sacred grain. Through the myth and rituals of Demetrian paganism, the beauty of self-divinity rises within the soul. In this striking presentation of power and beauty, Demeter's ancient Festivals and Mysteries are made available to us once again.