Moon Rites

Price: $26.95

AUTHOR:  Michelle Royce

TITLE:  Moon Rites

PUBLISHER:  Moon Diary* Products

PLACE:  NSW, Australia

YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9780975745403

EDITION:  Revised


A student of mythology, ritual, Wicca, alternative healing and Goddess/Women’s Spirituality for the last fifteen years, Michelle is a freelance writer specialising in women’s issues including spirituality, Wicca, myth, ritual and alternative healing. Her work has been regularly published under both 'Spiraldancer' and Michelle Royce in Australian magazines since 1999. In addition to her freelance work she also writes a regular column "Moon Rites" in Femme Fitness and lifestyle magazine for women (NZ).

In addition to writing, she teaches occasional classes and workshops on the material covered in her book 'Moon Rites". She is a (sometimes outspoken) advocate for holistic menstrual education for girls and women, and is committed to reclaiming the women’s mysteries of menarche, motherhood and menopause as more than just biological functions for all women and their daughters.