Messengers Of Love, Light, & Grace

Price: $27.99

AUTHOR:  Terry Lynn Taylor

TITLE:  Messengers Of Love, Light, & Grace


YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9781932073140


In this hectic modern world, it’s easy to lose sight of the wonders life has to offer. Angels — those mysterious messengers of divine providence — can help people reconnect with the innate goodness in life and within themselves. Terry Lynn Taylor shows readers how to find their angels and call on them to work their magic. According to Taylor, angels don’t simply answer prayers. Instead, they act as guides, indicating the proper path through intuitive communications, allowing humans to grow spiritually by formulating their own solutions to questions and problems.

These communications, grounded in love and peace, instill a profound sense of inspiration and well being. Exercises, visualizations, and guided meditations are included to help readers connect with their angels and find heaven on earth.

Taylor (Messengers of Light) is already well known as the author of several popular books on angels. To her, angels are less the fearsome messengers of the awesome God of the Bible than divine friends and facilitators; she encourages readers to alert their angels to their goals, dreams, ideas, "noble thoughts and fantastic avenues," and gratitude. Taylor's tone is light and uplifting, as suits her subject.