Turkish Dining Table Recipes for Health and Happiness

Price: $69.95

AUTHOR:  H. Guler Vural

TITLE:  Turkish Dining Table Recipes for Health and Happiness

PUBLISHER:  Pelican Publishing Company

ISBN:  9781589804197


Turkish cuisine has borrowed from French, Italian, Persian, Ottoman, and Arab influences to craft menus rich in culture and tradition. With more than 650 recipes broken down into twenty-four categories, The Turkish Dining Table: Recipes for Health and Happiness is a valuable cookbook for the novice or expert who is interested in experiencing great Turkish cuisine. From hummus to grilled whiting, from lentil and mint soup to Bosnian ravioli, all food categories are covered in this complete Turkish cookbook.

Entire meals to snacks and desserts are offered, some very familiar to American palates, others a distinct departure from the ordinary.

Being hypoglycemic, Mrs. Vural understands the need for healthful menu choices. With the counsel of her personal doctor and dietitian, she has devoted an entire section on nutritionally healthy cooking and eating that includes main dishes and diet sweets.

The importance of presentation in Turkish cuisine is revealed in this cookbook’s photography. Vibrant, colorful photos of prepared dishes are just as delectable to the eye as the recipes are to the palate.