The Green Chile Bible

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Tim Galagher

TITLE:  The Green Chile Bible

PUBLISHER:  Clear Light Publishers

ISBN:  9780940666351


"From a chile-laced Bean and Chicken Stew to a coriander-chile infused Zesty Meat Loaf or a Pork Loin in Green Sauce, this packs in chile recipes gleaned from New Mexican cooks' contributions. Enjoy a collection which uses the chile in everything from appetizers to desserts. "(Bookwatch)

"This indeed is a bible for those who have become helpless addicts to green chile". (New Mexico Magazine) In the great tradition of the chile cookoff, the Albuquerque Tribune proudly presents two hundred prize-winning recipes from throughout New Mexico, home of the fabulous long green chile.

New Mexican cuisine gives the highest priority to taste -- over the mouth-blistering heat favored by much southwestern chile cookery. This book is a treasury of what are arguably the best green chile recipes in the world, drawn from a long tradition notable for variety, subtlety, and the incomparable New Mexican chile flavor preferred by true aficionados.

New Mexico tradition and imagination combine to serve up native dishes such as New Mexican Posole, Sweet Chile Rellenos, and Classic Green Chile Stew, together with modern international adaptations like Green Chile Quiche, Green Chile Pizza, Green Chile Stroganoff, and Chile Gumbo.

This book offers inviting choices for every cooking preference, from quick-and-easy miracle concoctions, to exotically flavored dishes, to made-from-scratch traditionals. Appetizers, breads, soups, vegetables, main dishes (including vegetarian offerings), salads, accompaniments, and desserts are all represented.

A glossary, a list of speciality food sources, and instructions for preparing fresh green chiles to freeze or use in any recipe complete the reader's initiation into thetantalizing mysteries of New Mexican cuisine.