The Encyclopedia of Sauces for Your Food

Price: $58.95

AUTHOR:  Charles A. Bellissino

TITLE:  The Encyclopedia of Sauces for Your Food

PUBLISHER:  Marcus Kimbery Publishing Co.,U.S.

ISBN:  9781879743021


A sauce is the finishing touch to any dish. Over, under, or drizzled across whatever you have prepared, it lifts your dish from a plate of "stuff" on it, to an elegant offering worthy of being served to your most deserving of guests.

Finding a sauce recipe to complement a dish you have lovingly prepared can be difficult at best, maddening at worst. In this book, the author has eliminated the frustration of finding just the right sauce for any dish you make.

He has organized the chapters by the foods you will be dressing. It features over 400 ways to enhance almost any food. Of the recipes in the book, some are easy, some are not, some are quick, some are not. Some give the opportunity to put a table-side "a la flambe". However, all of them seek to win you the admiration of those you feed.